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Weekend Lunch & Sunday Roast

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The Roof Terrace

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At The River Bar Steakhouse and Grill, we pride ourselves on using only the finest quality produce, painstakingly sourced from our expert suppliers. We are sure to provide you with a dining experience that is unique and unforgettable: locally sourced ingredients mean you will get a flavour you cannot find anywhere else.

We believe in supporting local independent businesses and only trade with organisations that keep sustainability and quality at the heart of everything they do. Our meat and vegetables come direct from local suppliers based in the city, meaning that our produce arrives fresh and delicious, having been well looked after.

What’s more is that you are aware of the origin of your meal. Other establishments are often unclear of where they source their ingredients but at the River Bar Steakhouse and Grill, you can rest assured that what you are eating has not come from an unsavoury background from an undisclosed area of the world.

All of this adds up to a fantastic tasting meal and a great experience.

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