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Central Cambridge Restaurant

Riverbar Steakhouse is situated on the river quayside overlooking Magdalene College, which gives the dining experience at the restaurant in Cambridge a truly authentic and unique feel. Reflective of the iconic city. The building now which the the restaurant is located was built in the late 18th century, as a bonded warehouse, part of the Anchor Brewery which proves for a truly unique experience. The combination of prime, full flavoured steak and a relaxed atmosphere make dining at the steakhouse restaurant in Cambridge an absolute delight. Riverbar Steakhouse accepts reservations via telephone on 01223 30 70 30 or via booking online.

Riverbar Steakhouse blends a humble, subtle and elegant ambience with food that speaks volumes making it a restaurant in Cambridge like no other. The chef only ever uses the finest prime beef aged for 28 days, fresh fish, great vegetarian dishes and homemade puddings. Local produce is of the utmost importance in our kitchen. Aside from the grill, the restaurant has a delightful Sunday lunch menu including whole roasted sirloin or beef and charcoal whole roasted chicken. Alongside vegetarian options. Aside from the delicious lunch and dinner menu, the bar offers a wide array of drinks including the cocktail of the month and wine of the month for social drinkers and connoisseurs alike.

For an exclusive dining experience in the city centre of Cambridge, Riverbar Steakhouse will make the perfect choice for any occasion. With facilities to cater for parties of up to 75 people and a variety of menus to suit all dietary requirements, eating at Riverbar is a versatile experience. You will find Riverbar Steakhouse along the river, behind the Varsity Hotel in Cambridge. Book your table online or call 01223 30 70 30 as reservations are limited and the restaurant is very popular.

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